I got a new site!

So after eons of being frustrated with using tumblr as my main webpage since like idk 12 AD it deleted an entire archive of press clippings I kept for myself because of nostalgia I guess and I was so bothered and bereft that I finally bit the bullet and got a square space page (using the check out code THOT no less) so here we are. I also have once again deleted social media because of a mounting ven diagraming of deadlines and in general I think it’s good for my Internet suitors to miss me lol plus I have to finish edits on this new book (out fall 2019 from Tin House!), do a new draft of this screenplay, a bunch of commission work and travel p much non stop OH ALSO recording new eps of Food 4 Thot so it just in general makes more sense to cut off all the louder potentials for procrastination (tho tbh as evidenced by making a whole gd new site I FIND PLENTY OTHER WAYS OF DISTRACTING MYSELF FROM WORK GET OFF THE INTERNET TEEBS). Oh and shout out to my friend Anastacia Renée-Tolbert who tipped me off that on this week’s Submishmash weekly, Rachel Mindell said some nice things about Junk:

Screen Shot 2018-09-26 at 8.19.21 AM.png

Oh and I found this while casually Googling how to spell McGillicutty byeeeeeeeeee

Screen Shot 2018-09-24 at 6.20.11 PM.png